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It is NOT easy to march while one plays an tool wanting air/breath to supply sound. Breathing and blowing air into the device have a rhythm of its own, and then you have to march on the beat in perfect line with anything else!Now it truly is an art by itself. Much easier to be a drum majorette. The contributors of our orchestra hated marching projects. And yet, it is such a high-quality show!My son is a certified tuba player in one of our army bands. Marching while playing an tool is a part of his JOB. So I know the professionals and cons. Thanks to your generous comment :Another option that many dealers offer is a rent to own plan. If you're given that this, make sure you be very cautious. It's easy to be seduced by a low month-to-month payment, but at the tip of the lease, you can also really be paying two or 3 times what it would have cost to buy it outright. Look at the terms of the plan carefully before you commit.