The simple, or Albert, system is used basically in German communicating international locations. The Bohm system has more keys than the Albert and is average in most other parts of the area. by a heavy stamping machine, after which trimmed. These individual keys are then soldered together with silver solder to make the connected group. Next the keys are polished. Keys for reasonably-priced models may be placed in a tumbling computer, where friction and agitation of pellets in a revolving drum polish the pieces. More costly keys may be buffed for my part by being held in opposition t the rotating wheel of a sprucing computer. Some keys may be silver plated, after which polished. Clarinet manufacturing itself is a fairly conservative industry, counting on highly skilled craftspeople who do much work by hand. Most of the options in clarinet design are now 100 years old. One area that remains to be in flux, even though, is the manufacture of clarinet reeds.

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