Just a teen ager, I had foundwork as the first worker of a new application company named PersonalSoftware Inc. Personal Software you know it by its latermore famous name VisiCorp aimed to sell purposes application tothe turning out to be microcomputer market, in certain the Apple II, PET andTRS 80. Personal Software's first big product had been Microchess,a able chess program that began out on the 1 kilobyte Kim 1 andmoved to the Commodore Pet and Apple. Microchess were written by Peter R. Jennings not the newscaster whohad a small software agency named MicroWare in Toronto, where I lived. I met Peter during the late, great Jim Butterfield and made adeal for Personal Software to put up a game forthe Pet I hadwritten, and that they askedme to come work for salary, first for MicroWare, after which Personal Software,the firm Peter headquartered together with Dan Fylstra. Dan was living in Cambridge,MA, and had met and was working with Bob Frankston and Dan Bricklin whohad written Visicalc the first spreadsheet and the programthat would successfully create the microcomputer applications company. I enjoyed studying the jokes, but like most people was frustratedwith the noise that went along with them. Always happy with my senseof humour, I took the stairs to create a moderated newsgroup devotedto jokes. Most moderated newsgroups of the day had a moderator whosimply tried to maintain down the off topic noise and flamewars. My plan wasmore like that of an edited magazine to judge on high-quality and onlyaccept the jokes I felt were funniest.

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