However, if keeping up the look of your clarinet is essential, then it is beneficial to wipe down the keys with a sprucing cloth after each session. People with more acidic perspiration should particularly try this as a result of significantly higher risk of tarnish. For clarinets with silver plated keys, this may hold the shine for much longer, but for clarinets with nickel or nickel silver keys, wiping them down can truly steer clear of the acidity in your hands from dissolving the metal. Beginners – I put them on the low F and low E keys – home position – once the instrument is assembled. I tell the kids to always keep their pinkies on the dots. It makes for quick reminders “Touch the dots!” and offers them a visual of anything to touch. It also guarantees that all of the students have their pinkies on the correct keys. Then as you teach them new keys like the low F key which you could put a dot on that one in order that they are sure they are playing the proper one. Sometimes they fall off after a few days depending on the gadgets and that’s ok – it’s more that they are able to visualize what you mean should you say “Touch the dots. ”CLARINET PODCAST and RESOURCE WEBSITEA 1999 music schooling graduate of WTAMU, Tamarie Sayger held band director positions in Plano and Odessa, TX for 5 years. As a personal clarinet instructor in Texas for 16 years, she has taught a whole bunch of students from grade 6 12 in categories, sectionals, and individual courses.