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Every site could get the newsfrom dissimilar resources, and if provided an article that had already beendelivered, it might simply decline it. As such, we were in a position to builda absolutely redundant news processing room, and have each system theone in Silicon Valley and the one in Waterloo, Ontario independently feedthe news to the purchaser. They would accept it from whoever offered itfirst. We were in a position to switch from one nation to an alternate with out ahiccup, and in reality now had a system wherein either city could benuked and the news would proceed to flow. More in this later. During my ownership, we didn't switch to advertising. There weresome sites with fancy ad sales forces capable of run ads and get highCPMs for them for a while, but that was transitory. Only when Googleand Overture came along did a really sustainable ad model arrive. Idon't know if it was a right determination or not to wait see you later. Fromthe point of view of crazy market valuations, it was a bad idea, sinceadvertising gave you this nebulous but large upside, as long as peoplebelieved in it. In addition, people won't admit it, but the ideathat possible switch enterprise models quickly may be false.