Of course, M5 goes wrong, and takes over the ship and triesto damage real ships. Kirk sends a red shirted crewman to turn itoff, and also you know what occurs next. M5 sends out an influence beamand vapourizes the red shirt. ThusM5 was a system so reliable that even those approved to could not turn itoff. Science Fiction has a couple of examples of this. Two visions emerged. My own I called ClariNetwork, and it wasan extension of the "all you can eat" content pricing model I hadfirst worked on in the Library of Tomorrow. I deliberate to construct asingle charge, single join up system for a network of contentsites. You would pay a monthly fee and get access to all theircontent. The money can be allotted in keeping with which siteswere more ordinary. Some sites would remain ad supported, for sure,but I was as it should be predicting the cave in of CPM banner ads asa means to aid commonplace websites.