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The reed is on the underside of the mouthpiece, urgent in opposition t the player's lower lip, while the end teeth continually contact the end of the mouthpiece some avid gamers roll the higher lip under the end teeth to form what is named a 'double lip' embouchure. Adjustments in the energy and shape of the embouchure change the tone and intonation tuning. It is not uncommon for clarinetists to employ the best way to relieve the force on the higher teeth and inner lower lip by attaching pads to the tip of the mouthpiece or placing brief padding on the front lower teeth, frequently from folded paper. Next is the quick barrel; this a part of the device may be extended to fine tune the clarinet. As the pitch of the clarinet is fairly temperature delicate, some contraptions have interchangeable barrels whose lengths vary a little bit. Additional reimbursement for pitch variant and tuning can be made by pulling out the barrel and thus expanding the tool's length, particularly common in group playing by which clarinets are tuned to other gadgets akin to in an orchestra or concert band.
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