Not long after I announced ClariNet, Geoff Goodfellow, who hadbeen on the information superhighway and USENET for a very long time, announcedplans for an alternate USENET based enterprise named "In Moderation Network. "IMN deliberate to sell a chain of moderated USENET groups as a service,where their moderators would make existing chat groups moremanageable. While IMN never fully got off the floor, Geofflater had a bit more success though again too early with hisRadioMail product, which offered information superhighway E mail to handhelddevices over pager networks. My Waterloo classmates at RIM wouldlater make a grand fortune doing just this when the time wasright and then lose numerous it missing the iPhone. Another early product of ClariNet's that was untimely available in the market wasthe Street Price Report, produced for us solely by smalloutfit called Consumer's Database. They had people type in all theprices on era products from the ads in the thick technologymagazines like Computer Shopper and PC Magazine. You could then lookthrough the lists and find the stores with the most effective prices on whatyou had. Later, online shopping bot spiders which did this on theweb would become a huge company. I recall probably the most first ones sellingfor $35 million for no reason in the course of the true dot com craze. At USENIX and other meetings, I stumble on a nice gimmick thatwas unusually a success. I purchased a button maker and press, andwrote some program that might help you type in any phrase and itwould typeset it as a custom button, published on a laser printer.