At some point after the 1980s, Selmer ceased production of the bass clarinet in A, though examples are still available from factory stock. B flat soprano and bass clarinet are the main commonly played contributors of the clarinet family, finding their way into orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz bands, small ensembles and solo performance. The best usual clarinets we’ve listed here are manufactured by respectable brands, built of high fine, industry normal components designed to facilitate great sound creation, correct tuning, and smooth key action. Each clarinet comes with a case, mouthpiece, ligature, a minimum of one reed and a cleaning swab, though performers will obviously want to customise their mouthpiece setup. For more help selecting the right clarinet in your needs, have a look at our buyer’s guide below. The B flat soprano clarinet is essentially the most frequently played member of the clarinet family having found its way into orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz bands, small ensembles and solo functionality. Professional level clarinets are constructed out of Grenadilla wood or a similar dense wood which produces a dark, eye-catching sound. Wooden clarinets require extra care as a result of their wooden body swells or shrinks with changing temperatures and humidity. At the expert level, personal selection for tone and feel of the instrument are very crucial and vary between clarinet brands. When purchasing a qualified tool, it’s a good suggestion to play instruments from several alternative legitimate brands in finding the best fit for the particular person musician. Within the last few a long time, a few admired clarinet companies have merged, restricting high level clarinet alternatives to a couple long status names.