In 1992 it still was enough of a serious newsorganization, but to expand ClariNet it was time to try to get thebig boys the Associated Press and Reuters. I entered initialcontract talks they were going to be a lot more dear, but wehad grown and will afford it. However, unlike UPI, Reuters didno editorial classification of memories at our level of product, and APdid a fairly meager classification in their stripped down AP Onlineproduct. I have said that this represents the highest level of computing device reliabilitypossible. I call it "M5 Reliability. " In a famous episode of Star Trek,called The Ultimate Computer,the Enterprise has a new sophisticated AI computer named M5 placed on board andin control. Of course, M5 goes wrong, and takes over the ship and triesto ruin real ships. Kirk sends a red shirted crewman to show itoff, and also you know what occurs next. M5 sends out an influence beamand vapourizes the red shirt. ThusM5 was a system so dependable that even those authorized to could not turn itoff. Science Fiction has a couple of examples of this.