You could then lookthrough the lists and find the stores with the most effective prices on whatyou had. Later, online looking bot spiders which did this on theweb would become a huge enterprise. I recall one of the first ones sellingfor $35 million for no reason in the course of the true dot com craze. At USENIX and other conferences, I hit upon a nice gimmick thatwas unusually a hit. I bought a button maker and press, andwrote some software that could permit you to type in any phrase and itwould typeset it as a custom button, published on a laser printer. We would give you a trade show button with our logo and number butyour phrase. People loved to wear those. Most people were not actuallythat artistic, but we used all the best terms, plus many I thoughtof myself, for those who just wanted a pre created funny button. Ofcourse we could and did make some of those up in improve, but oftenthe most efficient phrase would make fun of a few event which had happenedright there at the conference, perhaps in the keynote address. Thetopical nature of this reminded people of our product, and everybodywould come to our booth to get one. By the criteria of later information superhighway businesses, ClariNet would startsmall, with about $100,000 of sales in the 1st year.