There are a few types within clarinet family. They differ in size and pitch from the very small, higher sounding sopranino clarinets to very large, low pitched contra bass or contra alto clarinets. The clarinet most beginners start on is the B flat soprano clarinet on account of its possible size and common use in orchestras, bands and smaller ensembles. When buying a pupil level clarinet, it could seem best to seek out the competitively priced device. However, especially for a amateur, lower best gadgets may current mechanical problems which make studying irritating and unnecessarily difficult. In addition, poor satisfactory clarinets are prone to major or common repairs, maintenance which are sometimes costly or near unimaginable to fix. While intermediate and professional level clarinets are made up of wood, at the scholar level the body of the clarinet is most commonly built of plastic resin for extra sturdiness and to bypass the additional care wooden instruments require. All of one of the best scholar clarinets featured in this list are synthetic by reliable, educator approved brands, use best elements which facilitate good tone production and intonation The capability to play in tune, as well as durability for the beginning player. In addition, all of the following picks comes with a strong case, mouthpiece, ligature, a minimum of one reed and a cleansing swab, all the necessities to play and care for the clarinet right out of the case. Much larger than a soprano clarinet, the bass clarinet slightly resembles the curved design of the saxophone. The bass clarinet is utilized in orchestras, bands and small ensembles to fill out the mid to lower range of the clarinet part.