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Shortly after this the German flute maker Theobald Boehm led to two developments to the device making world:On the one hand, he created a mathematical basis for the ideal calculation of the place of tone holes and on theother hand, he invented the ring key. The ring key makes it possible to hide a hole larger than the finger that lieson the ring key. On this basis the Frenchman Hyacinthe Klosé developed the "Boehm" clarinet model, his device makerBuffet began developing it in 1839. Being French himself, he was better prepared to handle the gatekeepers of theParisian Music Academy than Ivan Müller, his tool was authorized and is played in all the world today. In the German talking international locations the Boehm system did not become standard, here device makers awesome theMüller System. The actual German system known as "Oehler" and is technically virtually as good as thecurrent Boehm System German System fans would permit you to know that its sound is by far sophisticated, but here's a questionof taste.


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