" Built into a curved speaker case, the Curved Photon Clarinet with remote glass domed sensors is a very solid instance of the instrument. The speaker cases themselves were meant to be add ons to the edges of computing device screens, are well built and sound fantastic driven by the circuit's electronics. The front of the tool is supported by two legs under the oblong speaker grille. The back of the instrument seen above provides controls adding a variety dial for surroundings the pitch of the "free" note that the unmodulated tool returns to, a focal point switch phases the ends of the note envelopes, speaker on/off switch, power switch with blue LED pilot lamp, pulsing red envelope LED and gold plated RCA phono line output. Two more gold plated RCAs can be found on the case back for the remote sensors. This Photon Clarinet is one of a couple of models that include remote sensors below glass dust covers. Each remote sensor, one for sweeping the pitch ant the other for stepping the pitch via hand shadow, comprises a photo resistor beneath a vintage pilot lens. Sensor bodies are wooden with felt base cloth, milled and piped in the anti theory workshop for sturdy joinery. Sensors are coloured in a couple of stages to match the tool's case. The case itself is complete in crackled fluorescent colors and dusted with iridescent powder under a last gloss. Control titles are hand inked.