Well, this means nothing, as a result of, the clarinet is just as popular as the violin and piano, but not in concerto form. Benny Goodman commissioned Copland to compose this concerto. Although Copland is one of America’s finest composers, Goodman said “At the time there were not too many American composers to select from. ” Today, the concerto is regarded one of Copland’s finest compositions, in addition to one of the vital most renowned clarinet concertos ever written. Final Thoughts: Clarinet concertos are rare, but clarinet music is not. The clarinet is one of the most liked of all musical instruments. Additionally, great clarinetists are few and rare. Student contraptions are often made up of plastic, and the elements from which the tool is made are of an artificial nature. Since traditionally, clarinets have been made from hardwoods, essentially from Africa, student clarinets produce a legitimate that's harsher and fewer mellow than the timbered tones that result from gambling a wooden instrument. Clarinet gamers produce sounds by blowing consistent, focused air down the shaft, or bore in their clarinet. When gambling correctly, clarinet players mix a proper embouchure or positioning on their mouthpiece with forced air from their diaphragm muscle tissues.