It is similarly essential, though, to clean the remaining tone holes. Unfortunately they aren't as easy to clean since the keys which cover them has to be got rid of. If this is something you are not relaxed with, I offer a Cleaning, Oiling, and Polishing provider. At the very least, cleansing the open tone holes your self is a necessity. Polishing the KeysIn most cases, polishing the keys has little affect on the playability of a clarinet, and doing so will just keep it shopping nice. However, if keeping up the look of your clarinet is essential, then it is advisable to wipe down the keys with a polishing cloth after each consultation. People with more acidic perspiration should especially do this as a result of significantly increased risk of tarnish. For clarinets with silver plated keys, this can maintain the shine for much longer, but for clarinets with nickel or nickel silver keys, wiping them down can truly avoid the acidity in your hands from dissolving the metal. Beginners – I put them on the low F and coffee E keys – home place – once the device is assembled. I tell the kids to always keep their pinkies on the dots. It makes for speedy reminders “Touch the dots!” and provides them a visual of something to the touch.

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