ed. 1971. If you're having bother with notes from the first B over the break and up, then the challenge could be a variety of things. If they are not communicating at all, you could are looking to try tightening up a bit bit, in order that the reed could be capable of vibrate more. If your embouchure is already very tight, then that you could loosen up, also to help the reed vibrate more. It would also help for you to move the reed down in your mouthpiece. You could try a smaller size reed ex. if you're on a 2 1/2, use a 2, especially if if you happen to try to play, the air seems to pass right under the reed. Make sure that before you begin playing, your reed is completely soaked. If the notes are very squeaky, that's a good start. Keep gambling them squeaky, until you gain the muscle control on your mouth that you just need to reign your sound back in.

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