Fortunately my brother, Michael Templeton, is one ofthe best lawyers in Toronto at managing overseas deals and taxes,and his selfless guidance made the difference. The procedurewas complicated enough that we were in his office the day before wefinally flew out, signing the papers. My lady accomplice and I parked hercar the street next to his office tower. When we came out, therewas an expensive parking ticket on it, although it was Sunday. Amusingly,we realized we were flying out the nation within 24 hours, and thecar would be sold within a week. With a smile, we tossed the ticketwith impunity. The nature of USENET feeds made this easy to do. As I noted, USENETwas designed to have redundant feeds. Every site could get the newsfrom multiple sources, and if offered a piece of writing that had already beendelivered, it might simply decline it. As such, we were able to builda completely redundant news processing room, and have each system theone in Silicon Valley and the only in Waterloo, Ontario independently feedthe news to the customer. They would accept it from whoever offered itfirst.

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