Joints are looking to be tested separately while the clarinet is disassembled. To test the end joint finger a C below the staff while overlaying the base with the palm of your hand. Suck like a straw at least thrice to create a vacuum. If the joint is pulled away the lips might be pulled with it, and should make a popping sound. If the joint is still in contact with the lips, the vacuum should last a minimum of five seconds. If it does not, there's a leak, and the clarinet might be brought in for alternative of any leaky pads. The test is the same for the bottom joint, except a low E might be fingered while using the opposite hand to seal the base. The seal of this joint is less critical than the pinnacle, but it may still seal for at the least three seconds. A good test to investigate the natural place of your hand, and as a result reveal where the thumb rest will be, is to hang your right arm by your side. Both the arm and hand could be completely comfy. Being cautious not to maneuver the thumb, bring your hand up to playing position.