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So far I have noticed I have forgotten some fingerings I have a chart. no biggy but I have never actually observed how much of a difference the embouchure really is between sax and clarinet formerly. I was puzzling over if that you can maybe help me point out some of the modifications so I can get a much better knowing when switching among the two a check list, so to talk. It has really affected my tone great and tuning. Other than the embouchure part, I have found out lots of the major ameliorations among the two. I have looked up a sax embouchure and a clarinet embouchure but I have never seen anything else with the two in comparison. Anyway, if I had a comparison the two embouchure basics that might be very helpful. Oh, and anything else on the changes in the articulation too could be advantageous. My articulation I assumed though was just a little muddy as a result of the smaller reed so I can clean that up with apply to refresh it back into my muscle memory. Anyway, if you lose interest of reading this paragraph, please just answer this query:The second way to check your clarinet pads is thru a suction test. Joints need to be tested one by one while the clarinet is disassembled.