I was 20 years 1991 2011 the administrator every thing except full time teacher of a music center, MUSIC was/is my PASSION!And so is writing and interestingly also interacting with kindred souls in CyberSpace : It needs to be bedtime for you, Shauna Sleep tight, rest well!b. Malin, always so nice to see you in my corner. Now there, you, too, prove that the majority writers are typical clarinetist. It is NOT easy to march while one plays an device desiring air/breath to provide sound. Breathing and blowing air into the instrument have a rhythm of its own, and then you have to march on the beat in best line with the rest!Now that is an art by itself. Much easier to be a drum majorette. The participants of our orchestra hated marching projects. And yet, it is such a great show!My son is a qualified tuba player in one of our army bands. Marching while gambling an instrument is part of his JOB. So I know the professionals and cons. Thanks on your beneficiant remark :Another option that many dealers offer is a rent to own plan.