It seems like pure silver, but doesn't tarnish. Some fine devices may be made with pure silver keys, and dear models can be found with gold plated keys. The key pads require cardboard and felt or leather. The reed is crafted from cane. Other constituents utilized in the clarinet are cork and wax, for lining the joints, and a metal corresponding to silver or a less expensive alloy for the ligature, the screw clip that holds the reed in place, and stainless-steel for the spring mechanisms that work the keys. 5 Early clarinets were made with hand forged keys. The modern method is usually die casting. Molten alloy customarily German silver is forced under force into steel dies. A group of connected keys may be made in one piece during this method. Alternately, particular person keys may be stamped outby a heavy stamping desktop, after which trimmed. These particular person keys are then soldered along with silver solder to make the connected group.