These picks characteristic a low C key, desired at higher levels of functionality, to extend the lower range of the tool. Each of those bass clarinets also include a case, mouthpiece, ligature, a minimum of one reed and a cleansing swab though performers will certainly are looking to customize their mouthpiece, ligature and reeds. The bass clarinet is a lower pitched instrument in the clarinet family, played by resting it on the ground with a peg and is used to fill out the mid to bottom range of the clarinet section in orchestras, bands and small ensembles. Constructed with a plastic/resin or wood body in addition to a metal bell and neck, the bass clarinet is far larger than a soprano clarinet, a bit of such as the curved design shared by the saxophone family. While intermediate and professional level bass clarinets are wood, at the pupil level the body of the bass clarinet is built of durable resin or plastic. When searching for a pupil level bass clarinet, the contraptions could be synthetic by reputable, educator approved brands, use great ingredients to facilitate good tone creation and intonation The potential to play in tune, in addition to being long lasting for the beginning player. In addition to these characteristics, all of the following picks for best student bass clarinet also reach a pitch range to a low E flat, and come with all of the necessities to begin playing the bass clarinet right out of the case: a strong case, mouthpiece, ligature, at least one reed and a cleaning swab. The soprano clarinet is about twice as big as a recorder. It contains a number of parts,usually made of black grenadilla wood and silver plated keys. There are, too,clarinets made up of synthetics / plastic, Plexiglass or metal. From a distance theinstrument may look corresponding to an oboe.