If you’re new to the clarinet, it’s recommended that you simply start with the very common Bb clarinet. It’s the good one to be informed first and it will be the only you operate probably the most by far. After that, you can examine which other clarinets will suit your individual needs. Tip openings are measured in either hundredths of a millimeter e. g. 1. There are also sharps and flats the black keys on the piano keyboard. Sharps have a pitch one semitone higher than a undeniable herbal note, and flats have a pitch one semitone less than a undeniable herbal note. A semi tone is the period among one note and an adjacent note black or white on each side. Two of these semitones make up a tone. Between a certain herbal note and a better prevalence of this natural note, there are 11 semi tone intervals or 5.