The next best time to have your instrument overhauled is when it is in need of repair. If there are quite a number pads which need to get replaced, a couple of more will doubtless wish to be replaced in the near future anyway. If keys are bent or if spring tensions are off, it is more low-priced ultimately to have everything fixed at once. Normal maintenance are done by the hour, and if much work must be done the price can easily surpass the flat rate of an overhaul. Additionally, cork pads fitted during an overhaul will last almost indefinitely. This implies that the texture and gambling situation of the tool will endure much longer, costing the player less in upkeep ultimately. The better of these brands are Yamaha, Leblanc, Selmer, and Buffet. Any of these brands are fine for a first, plastic clarinet. Plastic clarinets are ideal both for newbies and for marching band, as a result of they're able to take a beating or the out of doors climate they will be subjected to. Purchase your clarinet new if at all possible. If it is not feasible, have a qualified play test the device and play situation it before you pay for it and take it home.