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If the joint remains in touch with the lips, the vacuum should last at least five seconds. If it doesn't, there is a leak, and the clarinet could be brought in for substitute of any leaky pads. The test is an identical for the base joint, except a low E may be fingered while using the opposite hand to seal the bottom. The seal of this joint is less vital than the top, but it should still seal for as a minimum three seconds. A good test to assess the herbal position of your hand, and consequently reveal where the thumb rest could be, is to hang your right arm by your side. Both the arm and hand may be absolutely comfortable. Being cautious not to move the thumb, bring your hand up to gambling position. Notice how the thumb rest is much less than the comfortable position of the thumb?Try to go the palms in a rapid motion with the thumb in the at ease place. Now bring the thumb down to the place of the thumb rest and move the palms all of a sudden as before. Most avid gamers feel that the hands are more awkward and fewer free. This can be very true for gamers with large hands.