Try to provide a continuous tone that doesn’t wobble change in volume or pitch by blowing through the mouthpiece and apply doing this to build up some consistency. Obviously as a result of the rest of the clarinet is not connected the tone you produce won't necessarily be in tune, but after some apply make sure you be in a position to produce a C or C note. If which you can’t make a valid, ensure you are using a reed it truly is soft enough and also you are not puffing out your cheeks as you blow. Assemble your clarinet in full and assume the correct playing place for enjoying. See the phase “Posture” for a refresher. Rest the first three palms for your left hand on the 3 key holes on the higher joint. The same goes for the 1st three hands to your right hand on the lower joint. Arch your palms such that you don’t touch every other keys. Blow in the course of the mouthpiece just as you were doing without anything else of the instrument. To begin with, it’s likely you’ll make some squeaky high pitched sounds. Don’t be alarmed, this is completely normal for those who’re just beginning to play!If you begin to squeak, take a deep breath and readjust your embouchure until you discover the sweet spot.