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Though there are greater than a dozen choice modern clarinet types, the most typical ones utilized in orchestras and bands are the B flat and A clarinets. The bass clarinet, which is much bigger than the average and has an upwardly curved bell, can be frequently utilized in modern bands and orchestras. The normal clarinet contains five parts—the mouthpiece, the barrel or tuning socket, the higher or lefthand joint, lower or right hand joint, and the bell. A thin, flattened, mainly shaped piece of cane called a reed need to be inserted in the mouthpiece before the instrument can be played. Different notes are produced as the player moves his palms over metal keys which open and shut air holes in the clarinet's body. An device reminiscent of the clarinet—a cylindrical cane tube played with a cane reed—was in use in Egypt as early as 3000 B.


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