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Try this: set your embouchure, move the bell of the clarinet too high. Blow. As you are blowing, slowly bring the clarinet bell down toward your body. You will hear your sound open up and may find a “sweet spot” here that maximizes your sound. The bell of the clarinet will often end up right among your knees. Try this, but do not look down at the bell as you progress it. Keep the highest in an up place. The bass clarinet is an device that has really loved its share of the limelight. The Beatles used the bass clarinet in their song “When I’m Sixty Four†and far of the Twilight Zone television series was scored with this without delay bodied tool. The bass clarinet dominates the score of 30 Rock while West Side Story facets its rich, earthy tones in two duets – “A Boy Like That†and “I Have a Love. †When looking for a bass clarinet, your selection can be in response to what this woodwind device is getting used for.


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