All effective things said about Mozart, it was in the sphere of opera that he excelled probably the most. Mozart’s operas and Shakespeare plays are two of most loved things in Western Civilization/Culture. However, many have stated that the slow movements of Mozart concertos this concerto or in a different way sound like arias songs from an opera, and the slow circulate of this work is no exception to that rule some people like this, some not. The work is in three hobbies marked: I Allegro, II Adagio, III Rondo. The second circulation of this work is awfully appealing and, it became familiar when it was used in the soundtrack of the movie “Out of Africa”; additionally, a synthesizer rendition digital music of the work’s slow circulate was more infamously used in the cult film “American Gigolo” which stars Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton. Weber Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in E flat major, Op. 74, in 1811Carl Maria von Weber was one of music’s greatest innovators. He’s usually considered to were the 1st critical Romantic composer to have lived Beethoven being regarded the father of that flow. Additionally, this work is a staple of the clarinet repertoire; and, the last movement of this work is difficult and challenging for even probably the most informed of clarinet virtuosos. The coda of the last movement has become a chronic nightmare for clarinet players Weber writes runs/scales in sextuplets and semiquavers making it almost not possible for even the greatest virtuosos to conquer.