CleaningOver time, dust and sludge will inevitably building up in all the tone holes of your clarinet. It is critical to scrub these holes frequently, as a result of any building up will decrease the diameter of the hole and change the pitch, as well as make the device sound stuffy. The open holes are the easiest to clean since no keys must be got rid of to take action. Cleaning can be carried out once dust is observed in any of the tone holes. It is equally vital, though, to scrub the ultimate tone holes. Unfortunately they aren't as easy to wash because the keys which cover them has to be removed. If this is something you aren't comfortable with, I offer a Cleaning, Oiling, and Polishing carrier. At the very least, cleansing the open tone holes your self is a need. Polishing the KeysIn most cases, polishing the keys has little affect on the playability of a clarinet, and doing so will just keep it browsing nice. However, if maintaining the look of your clarinet is vital, then it is really helpful to wipe down the keys with a sharpening cloth after each consultation. People with more acidic perspiration should especially do that as a result of drastically higher risk of tarnish.