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This means there have to be more tone holes than we've got palms. Then the tone hole positions for the lower scale should be alternative from that of the upper scale,particularly their diameter. Since here is just about not feasible, the instrumentmaker must find a compromise. The tool makers before 1700 haven't mastered this because of they did not have thetheoretical and functional heritage. And therefore the Chalumeau hasn't got an upper sign in. We still call the lower sign in of the clarinet the chalumeau register and the higher essentially the center register is known as the "clarinet" register. In 1760 the famous and at this time best edge Mannheim Orchestra already had a budget for two clarinet avid gamers,both musicians were at an identical time oboe gamers, too. From 1778 on they were clarinet avid gamers only. Not long afterthat Mozart wrote his famous works for clarinet adding the concerto for basset clarinet in A referred to as concertofor clarinet in A that are technically extremely tough. Even with latest devices they appear a subject forprofessional musisicians. At that time clarinets had five technically questionable keys.


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