A semi tone is the interval among one note and an adjoining note black or white on either side. Two of those semitones make up a tone. Between a undeniable herbal note and a higher occurrence of this natural note, there are 11 semi tone intervals or 5. 5 tone periods. This period is named an octave. Other durations have different names: a tone interval one note in among is named a 2nd and a double tone interval three notes in between is termed a 3rd. This pattern keeps with 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths and then an octave as the interval among the 2 notes raises. The time signature determines the variety of beats in a bar and the variety of beat. A bar is simply a group of consecutive notes in a bit of music. Dividing the music into bars helps you to keep time by counting beats to your head or under your breath. Bar lines vertical lines mark the start and the top of the bar.