ClariNetwould double in sales each year of its life until it was sold. The firstyear we lost a little bit of cash, but by the 2nd year we wereprofitable and can be profitable until sold. Our early startand decent growth made us the fastest turning out to be information superhighway companyin the Inc 500 in 1995, and the 13th quickest starting to be agency onthe Silicon Valley Business Journal's list for 2 years in a row. Howeverthe Inc 500 honour is somewhat deceptive. There were faster growingcompanies but that they had not been around long enough to qualify for the list. So we moved. Of course, it was far from that easy and requiredsome careful legal wrangling to transfer a business from one countryto an alternative. Fortunately my brother, Michael Templeton, is one ofthe best lawyers in Toronto at handling overseas deals and taxes,and his selfless guidance made the difference. The procedurewas complex enough that we were in his office the day before wefinally flew out, signing the papers. My lady partner and I parked hercar the road next to his office tower. When we came out, therewas an expensive parking ticket on it, however it was Sunday.