To the shock of many, they did. Sometime later, fear of political incorrectness led Stanford to also banthe newsgroup. In both places, and on the net, the bans generated muchmore protest than the customary lawsuits. Over time, they were reversed. Around that point, IBM and Sears had decided to go into the online world witha dial up online service called Prodigy. Prodigy was intendedto be highly polished and content focussed, as a substitute of a moreopen forum like Compuserve. They decided to spend so much tolicence top class content. They had walked into Tribune, and askedif they could get star sportscaster Howard Cosell to write a customcolumn for them. The Tribune folks laughed and said, "Howard Cosellwon't light his cigar for you for less than $10,000. " The Prodigyfolks said yes without blinking, due to their rich mommy anddaddy. Thus a department to sell to online amenities was created.