I NEVER told him to apply; he fell passionate about his tuba like I've fallen fond of a piano the 1st time I saw/heard it, he just could not get enough of it. I was 20 years 1991 2011 the administrator every thing except full time teacher of a music center, MUSIC was/is my PASSION!And so is writing and curiously also interacting with kindred souls in CyberSpace : It must be bedtime for you, Shauna Sleep tight, rest well!b. Malin, always so nice to see you in my corner. Now there, you, too, prove that most writers are general clarinetist. It is NOT easy to march while one plays an device needing air/breath to provide sound. Breathing and blowing air into the instrument have a rhythm of its own, after which you ought to march on the beat in ideal line with anything!Now this is an art by itself. Much easier to be a drum majorette. The participants of our orchestra hated marching tasks. And yet, it is such a high-quality show!My son is a certified tuba player in one of our army bands. Marching while gambling an tool is a part of his JOB. So I know the professionals and cons.

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