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This gives the bass clarinet a usable range of over four octaves, quite near the variety of the bassoon; indeed, many bass clarinetists perform works at the start intended for bassoon or cello as a result of the plethora of literature for those two units and the shortage of solo works for the bass clarinet. The bass clarinet has been continuously used in scoring for orchestra and live performance band since the mid 19th century, becoming more common at some stage in the middle and latter component to the twentieth century. A bass clarinet is not always called for in orchestra music, but is nearly always called for in live performance band music. In recent years, the bass clarinet has also seen a turning out to be repertoire of solo literature adding compositions for the instrument alone, or followed by piano, orchestra, or other ensemble. It also is used in clarinet choirs, marching bands, and in film scoring, and has played a minor, but continual, role in jazz. The later Romantics used the bass clarinet frequently of their works.


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