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However,unlike my past forays in the packaged tool field, I quicklycame to like the price of a activities revenue enterprise. Once Ihad sold a consumer, if I kept them happy, I kept getting a chequeevery month. Many customers happily pay as you go a year in improve. New sales added not simply to my bottom line for thatmonth but every month. My churn rate was remarkably low. ClariNetwould double in sales every year of its life until it was sold. The firstyear we lost a bit bit of money, but by the 2nd year we wereprofitable and would be profitable until sold. Our early startand decent growth made us the fastest turning out to be cyber web companyin the Inc 500 in 1995, and the 13th quickest beginning to be manufacturer onthe Silicon Valley Business Journal's list for 2 years in a row. Howeverthe Inc 500 honour is a little bit deceptive. There were faster growingcompanies but they'd not been around long enough to qualify for the list. So we moved.


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