g. Ravel's La Valse. Apparently, bass clarinets in A were once produced by German and French makers, although the ancient record is not especially clear just where and when such construction started and ceased. Until the last half of the 20 th century, no new bass clarinets pitched in A were produced. While perfectly functional, such contraptions were both expensive and a serious physical burden to the player, who would need to carry two heavy bass clarinets to rehearsals and performances. For these two reasons greater than anything else, few modern bass clarinets in A have been sold. At some point after the 1980s, Selmer ceased construction of the bass clarinet in A, however examples are still available from factory stock. B flat soprano and bass clarinet are the main commonly played members of the clarinet family, finding their way into orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz bands, small ensembles and solo performance. The best universal clarinets we’ve listed here are synthetic by reliable brands, built of high fine, industry average elements designed to facilitate great sound construction, correct tuning, and smooth key action. Each clarinet comes with a case, mouthpiece, ligature, at least one reed and a cleaning swab, though performers will obviously want to customise their mouthpiece setup. For more help choosing the right clarinet to your needs, have a look at our buyer’s guide below.

Clarinet MOUTHPIECE 2 has an H on it used needs cork Vintage Henri SELMER PARIS SERIES 9 Bb CLARINET w/ Mouthpiece & Case & Reeds Vandorian Clarinet Mouthpiece 5RV hard Rubber with Rovner Ligature Selmer Signet Special Wood Clarinet USA w/Case Mouthpiece Vintage Yamaha Advantage CL1 clarinet cracked mouth piece with case and stand Glory Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit with Ligature,one Reed and Plastic Cap~black NEW Theodore / Ted Johnson TJ3 (+1mm) Zinner Ebonite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Theodore / Ted Johnson TJ3 (-1mm) Zinner Ebonite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Vintage Geo. M Bundy #3 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Hard Rubber Clarinet Mouthpiece Vandoren 5RV New Clarinet, Bb key, School Approved, with Case and mouthpiece. BRAND NEW GIGLIOTTI SELMER CLARINET MOUTHPIECE HARD RUBBER FREE SHIPPING Yamaha 20 Clarinet #136855A w/ Mouthpiece & Yamaha Case Used Selmer Henry Paris S Made In France Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Bundy Clarinet Mouthpiece # 3 VINTAGE Noblet 2V from the 60s & Vintage Imperial Clarinet Mouthpiece 14M Brilhart Ebolin #3 Clarinet Mouthpiece Brilhart Ebolin 3* Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Serial # 34786 Henry Selmer Paris Clarinet Mouthpiece Vintage Early Henri Selmer Paris "table HS" Clarinet Mouthpiece Vintage F. Barbier Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece France Vintage Box Bamboo Reeds Musical Instruments Saxophone Clarinet Mouth Pieces Vintage 1920-30s Selmer Clarion "S" Mouthpiece Bored From ACE Rod (rubber) VGC Rico Royal Graftonite A5 Clarinet Mouthpiece Rico Royal Graftonite A3 Clarinet Mouthpiece Vintage Arlie Richardson Accu-rated "2" Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece in Original Box Used Vito Melodia 2V Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Made In France Vintage Penzel-Mueller NY Brilliante Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece "3" VGC 1945-1950s Selmer Bundy Bass Clarinet WITH Mouthpiece Pedler Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece Refaced by Kurtzweil Vintage Selmer HS* Clarinet Mouthpiece Vintage Stowell Clarinet Mouthpiece Rico Royal Grafonite B3 Clarinet Mouthpiece M C Gregory Hollywood Master mouthpiece for Bb clarinet APM Model #326P USA Made Plastic Mouthpiece Cap for Alto Sax VINTAGE ORIGINAL USED NOBLET CLARINET WOODWIND MOUTHPIECE 2V Selmer 1400 Clarinet with Case & Mouthpiece RS Berkeley Student Clarinet with Two Barrels - Case and Mouthpiece Merano WD401GR B Flat Green/Silver Clarinet with Carrying Case Mouth Piece Sc... Vintage R.Miller Milwaukee Clarinet Mouthpiece VINTAGE BRILHART TONALIN CLARINET MOUTHPIECE - Serial # 17003 Selmer HS* Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece