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The soprano clarinet is about twice as big as a recorder. It contains a number of parts,typically made from black grenadilla wood and silver plated keys. There are, too,clarinets fabricated from synthetics / plastic, Plexiglass or metal. From a distance theinstrument may look comparable to an oboe. In evaluation to the oboe's thin double reed,looking like a straw, the clarinet has got a wide mouthpiece with a single reed fixed onto it. Furthermore it has got acylindrical bore, it is really, the whole length is of thesame diameter aside from the very lower end called the bell, much in opposition t this to most otherwind devices. The clarinet's history begins with its inventionaround 1700: The German tool maker J. C. Denner built it based on a very simpleshepherd's tool, the chalumeau, which then had a number of about one octave. Until today a few clarinet programs were built, the most major being the French Boehm system used in English speaking nations, too and the German system in German speaking worldwide locations. Since 1800 Mozart, Weber, Beethoven the clarinet is fully based in symphonic music, usual music, dance and army music and then in a long time in Jazz and pa, but may be used in Indian, Persian and Turkish music, Gipsy, Kletzmer or even Arabian music with its non European scales.


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