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6 in A minor. Richard Strauss wrote for the device in all of his symphonic poems apart from Don Juan, and the device shared the highlight with the tenor tuba in his 1898 tone poem, Don Quixote, Op. 35. Strauss wrote for the tool as he did for the smaller clarinets, and the parts often include taking part in in very high registers, which include in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30. Because the repertoire of solo music for the bass clarinet was quite small, most bass clarinet soloists center around new music, while also arranging works composed for other units from in enhance eras comparable to the Bach Cello Suites. Beginning with Horák, many avid gamers have commissioned works for the instrument, and because of this there now exists a repertoire of lots of of solo works, many by famous overseas composers comparable to Brian Ferneyhough and David Lang. In addition to Horák, other professional performers include Henri Bok Netherlands, his student Luís Afonso Brazil, Dennis Smylie United States, Tommie Lundberg Sweden, Harry Sparnaay Netherlands, who has worked with vital composers corresponding to Luciano Berio, Iannis Xenakis, and Morton Feldman, Evan Ziporyn United States, and Michael Lowenstern United States; the latter two are also composers. The first jazz album on which the leader solely played bass clarinet was Great Ideas of Western Mann 1957 by Herbie Mann, better referred to as a flautist. However, avant garde musician Eric Dolphy 1928–1964 was the first major jazz soloist on the tool, and dependent much of the vocabulary and method utilized by later performers. He used all the range of the device in his solos.


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