My plan wasmore like that of an edited magazine to guage on high-quality and onlyaccept the jokes I felt were funniest. I started by culling theoriginal rec. humor newsgroup, but ultimately people were submittingdirectly to me. The newsgroup was builtby taking only 1/50th of what I saw, it wasn't hardfor me to provide anything that had a vastly higher first-class levelthan what was on the unmoderated net. The name was type of a joke,it being the funny subset of rec. humor. About a year into the life of RHF, a random accident with a politicallyincorrect joke angry an MIT student immensely. He began acampaign to close down the newsgroup. While largely laughed atby the USENET group, he found some sympathetic press willingto put up reviews about the scandalous things these fresh computernetworks were really for. Front page stories gave the impression in the localnewspaper where I lived, pushing the University of Waterloo, which was mygateway to the network, to cut me off. To the shock of many, they did.