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It is more healthy to take the reed off the mouthpiece before storing it. Reeds left to dry on the mouthpiece can warp, with the goal to make them play badly in very little time. However, reeds left floating in the case will most absolutely be broken in addition. To give protection to reeds, store them in a reed guard of a few kind that can keep them flat. Wet reeds kept in the paper cases or boxes within which they were sold won't stay in good gambling shape, as they are often not capable of dry in a flat role. A good reed case can be made from a hard fabric plastic or with a glass plate, will give coverage to the top of the reed and should keep the reed held securely on a dry, flat surface. The clarinet could be kept free of dirt and mud by dusting under the keys with a soft brush on a typical basis. To keep keys moving simply and noiselessly, apply a small drop of in particular formulated key oil where the important thing rods meet the posts. Do this on a month-to-month basis, and make certain all dirt is bumped off before employing the oil. Use a needle oiler, and take care that no oil comes into touch with the plastic body of a pupil device. Check to see that the screws are in place and feature not twisted themselves out of the post.


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