I'm operating on self using cars and I'm on the boards of both the Electronic Frontier Foundationand the Foresight Institute for Nanotechnology as a result of I plan to be there. Along with you, I hope. CleaningOver time, dust and sludge will inevitably build up in all the tone holes of your clarinet. It is critical to scrub these holes regularly, as a result of any increase will decrease the diameter of the outlet and alter the pitch, in addition to make the tool sound stuffy. The open holes are the best to scrub since no keys must be removed to do so. Cleaning can be conducted once dust is observed in any of the tone holes. It is similarly important, though, to scrub the last tone holes. Unfortunately they are not as easy to clean since the keys which cover them has to be removed. If here's anything you are not at ease with, I offer a Cleaning, Oiling, and Polishing provider. At the very least, cleansing the open tone holes your self is a need. Polishing the KeysIn most cases, sprucing the keys has little affect on the playability of a clarinet, and doing so will just keep it looking nice.