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But flutes from bones have already been renowned and utilized in the Stone Age. The oldest flute thatwe have today is from Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, and is about 35,000 years old. It was produced froma swan's bone, at a time when drills were completely unknown. It has an almost ideal pentatonic scale likechinese music today. This is probably no twist of fate. Other very old devices have a similar scale which tells usthat folks already had a clear sound system idea 35,000 years ago. But: You only need a correct scale systemlike this if musicians want to play together. Shepherds for instance won't need this playing solo and therefore standard shepherd's instruments will have a totally alternative system like Arabic scales with which that you can't playtogether but notwithstanding, you are going to find those systems are well described, too. This old artefact with the ideal scale is no proof yet but you better get used to the concept that musicalinstruments and woodwind ensembles played in the Stone Age already making music in ensembles seems to beless a hobby of a few but a basic part of being human. As with the flute most contraptions we all know today are refinements of very old ancestors. We can see some of them on monuments and artwork that are a whole lot every now and then hundreds of years old.