I have not hardly touched my clarinet for the past few months so I just pulled it out today and tried playing some old music. Sad story short, I forgot loads of staple items that I didn't really pay much attention to in the past. So far I have observed I have forgotten some fingerings I have a chart. no biggy but I have never basically observed how much of a difference the embouchure definitely is between sax and clarinet previously. I was thinking about if that you can maybe help me indicate one of the most changes so I can get a far better knowing when switching between the 2 a check list, so to talk. It has really affected my tone satisfactory and tuning. Other than the embouchure part, I have figured out lots of the major transformations between the two. I have looked up a sax embouchure and a clarinet embouchure but I have never seen anything with the two compared. Anyway, if I had a assessment the two embouchure basics that would be very advantageous. Oh, and the rest on the alterations in the articulation too can be advantageous. My articulation I assumed though was just a bit muddy because of the smaller reed so I can clean that up with practice to refresh it back into my muscle memory.