A possible compromise for the budget aware buyer is to purchase a high quality used device, possibly from a graduating high school senior, or at a local faculty's music branch. Used contraptions can even be bought online. If you go this route, follow the age old advice of caveat emptor. Remember buying a used musical tool can be a little bit like buying a used car. You may get a very good deal, but you may need to fix a few things like replacing key pads at a shocking price to you. Another option is to hire a quality used band device until that you would be able to acquire one yourself. While the similarity in sound between the earliest clarinets and the trumpet may hold a clue to its name, other factors could have been involved. During the Late Baroque era, composers akin to Bach and Handel were making new demands on the talents of their trumpeters, who were often required to play difficult melodic passages in the high, or as it came to be called, clarion check in. Since the trumpets of this time had no valves or pistons, melodic passages would often require the use of the highest a part of the trumpet's range, where the harmonics were close enough in combination to supply scales of adjoining notes as hostile to the gapped scales or arpeggios of the lower check in. The trumpet parts that required this area of expertise were known by the term clarino and this in turn came to use to the musicians themselves. It is likely that the term clarinet may stem from the diminutive edition of the 'clarion' or 'clarino' and it has been recommended that clarino avid gamers may have helped themselves out by playing particularly challenging passages on these newly developed "mock trumpets".

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