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There weresome sites with fancy ad sales forces capable of run ads and get highCPMs for them for a while, but that was transitory. Only when Googleand Overture came along did a really sustainable ad model arrive. Idon't know if it was a right resolution or not to wait see you later. Fromthe perspective of crazy market valuations, it was a bad idea, sinceadvertising gave you this nebulous but large upside, as long as peoplebelieved in it. In addition, people won't admit it, but the ideathat one could switch business models effortlessly may be false. The moreyou put money into a business model, the harder it is to turn the shipeven if you know the time is ideal. Tim O'Reilly deserves a different point out here, and not only for theearly Viola browser his agency built. Tim is basically abook writer, with the coolest line of technical books in the unix, linuxand cyber web space. However, he was also keen on information superhighway eBook publishingand started GNN Global Network Navigator as the internet was dawning. Itwas the 1st serious advertisement site, with a plan to be advertisingsupported. He sold it to AOL for a good price at the time.