The majority of corporate mergers and acquisitions fail, it is pronounced, andunfortunately I can't report great achievement for this one. 6 months after thedeal was done, Individual merged with Desktop Data to form a new companycalled NewsEdge, which had been the name of Desktop Data's flagship product. Maclagan, who had passed on the acquire of ClariNet a few months before,did not have it in his product plan. Staff were laid off, and eventuallythe agency was spun out to Roy Folk and some of any other managers topursue the Navilinks linking system. NewsEdge kept equity in the companybut wanted Roy to raise extra money, which he was not able to do. I agree with myself very lucky to have played at first of two revolutions,the non-public computer and the cyber web. However, I also consider more revolutions are to come. Computer networkingis good for an alternate one I'm for my part operating on reinventing the phonecall using networking to change the very nature of how we engage with oneanother and I expect much more superb revolutions from biotechnology,nanotech and A. I. I'm working on self driving cars and I'm on the boards of both the Electronic Frontier Foundationand the Foresight Institute for Nanotechnology because I plan to be there. Along with you, I hope.