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When you are able to buy, you'll effortlessly discover that there are more styles and brands of scholar model clarinets for sale than you could ever have imagined. There is, however, a quick list of brands and models that top nearly every band director's list of suggested pupil clarinets. If you keep on with one of these major brands, that you may't go wrong. As a rule of thumb, you should definitely expect to pay a minimum of $400 for a good first-class student model clarinet, and up to $600 or more for a really high nice model. They cost a lot of money, however the low-cost or downright cheap clarinets will bring you headaches, grief, and repair bills. In fact a lot of them are considered disposable, because a lot of the cheap imports are made up of elements which are vulnerable to breakage, and are customarily not repairable.
1939 Buffet Crampon Bass Clarinet SN 20557 w Case VITO 7166 BASS CLARINET WITH NEW CASE AND NEW BUFFET MOUTHPIECE